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Musicals and Even More

Friday saw us perform for the first time in The Crypt at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Even on a night of dreadful weather, a good time was had by all.

When I plan out what I'd like the Choir to be doing, I always ensure that they are on-board, have their say and are kept up to date with everything going on in the planning away from just singing. After giving them three options last year, they decided that a musical theatre themed concert would be their preferred choice and most popular. They were completely right.

The Choir Support Team and I were set out with the task of finding a venue, a band, guest soloists, sponsorship, design and marketing, ticket sales, communication with press and hospitality... and that little thing called three months of rehearsals!

Creating a programme of music that covers 80 years of musicals was tough - there is almost too much choice. Striking the balance between Oklahoma and South Pacific against The Greatest Showman and Wicked is a hard thing to do; never mind trying to balance rousing choruses against heartbreaking anthems.

But we did it.

The Choir takes pride in being inclusive, open and free with no restrictions on membership. A choir filled with 50 local people is a fantastic thing. A choir filled with 50 local people who live up to our motto, love to sing, is something special.

Every word sung was clear. Every harmony was well balanced. Every emotion shone through.

The one piece of advice I gave to the Choir before the concert began was simply "this is your concert; you chose it, you enjoy it. Give it your all." And they did.

We were so lucky to have Martin O'Boyle and Hannah Wainwright support us with beautiful (and somewhat hilarious!) solos, in addition to the musicians, Ann Dickinson MBE, Jay Fearon and Paul Freeman.

For a local, community group to receive two standing ovations, in the concert they produced, is testament to their hard work, dedication and love of singing.

We've got the rhythm of life. Singing is one of our favourite things (even in the rain!). We've dreamed dreams. We will be found.

But look out, 'cause here we come.


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