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SEMusic is now a charity - and plans for the future!

We are delighted to announce that SEMusic is now a registered charity.

We would like to pay a huge thanks to our friends, partners, singers, support team and directors who have helped us on this journey. This has been a dream of our directors and support team for some time - and the best early Christmas present.

How you can support us

Donations help us provide a space where music can come alive. They allow us to keep going by providing sheet music, equipment and experiences for people to develop their musical skills.

  • A £10 donation will buy a costume for one of our #LoveToSing children for their Christmas events.

  • A £25 donation covers the cost of the lighting, heating and rent for one of our rehearsals

  • A £50 donation pays for sheet music for two of our adults for one concert

Support us by making a one-off or regular donation by clicking here.

Buy a ticket

Every penny raised through ticket income supports the running of SEMusic. With a variety of concerts spread across the year, join us and help us remain free, fun and for everyone.

Plans for the future

The news is quite timely as 2022 will see SEMusic, what started as St. Edmund’s Choir in 1997, turn 25 and we have spent a significant amount of time working with our singers, partners and stakeholders to develop a plan that leads us to continue our high-quality work and engagement with communities.

Aside from the incredible events and experiences of the last 24+ years, which have allowed us to sing in the grandeur of St. George's Hall, both cathedrals in Liverpool and on TV and radio, the past 18 months has allowed SEMusic to connect with people in new ways; through online performances, rehearsals and music resources for children being home-schooled.

However, what makes our arts organisation unique to others, is that our people are the centre of everything that we do. SEMusic is compared to being like a family; a dedicated group of people who have created a welcoming community for everyone regardless of ability, background, financial hardship or experience. Our people look out for one another; at times of joy and sorrow. They are the beating heart of SEMusic.

With the pandemic (hopefully) behind us, we are ready to look to the future of SEMusic and how we continue to build on the success of the last 25 years.

Over the last few months, we have spent time reviewing the work we do to make sure that we have a vision that continues our legacy of being free, fun and for everyone.

To put our vision into action, we aim to:

  • Grow our community – continue to attract new singers and ensure everyone feels part of our SEMusic family

  • Develop our performance platform – create memorable events, opportunities and experiences for our people and our audiences

  • Be more recognisable – working on our profile and brand making us more well-known

  • Invest in the future – making sure we’re fully resourced to keep everything we do going

In order to make sure that we have enough resource to make this a reality, there have been some changes to the Leadership team at SEMusic. Sophie McQueen now takes on the role of Deputy Director, she will still oversee the running of #LoveToSing and Services.

December will see SEMusic (temporarily) say goodbye to Katherine Daly as she heads off on maternity leave for 12 months. We thank Katherine for everything she has done for the last number of years to help develop all aspects of our work, making our events magical and we can't wait for our first SEMusic baby in a good few years!

Hannah Wainwright has joined us to lead our Engagement & Events team in Katherine's absence. Hannah is a graduate of Chichester University and is no stranger to SEMusic having supported at countless concerts and events over the years.

We have big plans for 2022, but for now you'll have to watch this space...

With love and a huge amount of thanks,

Charlie, Katherine, Sarah and Sophie

SEMusic Trustees


Sunday 19 December - Christmas concerts

Sunday 8 March - Spring concert

Saturday 12 June - Summer concert - celebrating 25 years of St. Edmund's Choir

Saturday 17 July - #LoveToSing in concert


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