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We're here to help with teaching your children music from home.  Don't think you're musical enough? Don't worry! We have it all covered for you...

We're still working on content but hope to have enough to keep you going for some time!

These resources are free to use and have been developed by our team of professional music teachers.  Please consider making a donation to help continue to make music accessible for all.


Pulse and rhythm

The foundations of any song!


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What makes a good song a great song? Harmony!

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How does music make you feel?

Music can trigger lots of emotions.  Have a listen to some pieces and see how you feel?

Learning resources coming soon!


Classical music - it's not as boring as it sounds!

All you need is love - it's filled with classical music! 

Learning resources coming soon!


Duration and


Fast or slow, every song has a tempo!

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Can you hear one voice? Lots of instruments? A mixture? 

Learning resources coming soon!


Film music

The music of films adds emotion and helps to tell the story.

Learning resources coming soon!


Unusual instruments

Mandolins and theremins - what are they?


Learning resources coming soon! 


Melody and pitch

Is it high like a tweeting bird or low like a fog horn?

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The dynamics of the piece is the volume and how it changes.

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drum (1).png

World music

What about music from other cultures?  Have a look at these examples!

Learning resources coming soon!

378 music.png

Quick quiz!

Let's put it all together and see if you're the next Handel or Hendrix!

Quiz coming soon!

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