Behind every successful choir is a lot of work - we've learned that the hard way. Our team are on hand to be able to support your work to help you develop the best for your choir, theatre group or ensemble and get the most out of your performers, committees and audiences.

  • Organisation development

    • Being a critical friend

    • Developing a strategy

    • Reviewing your structure

    • Managing your committee or administration team

  • Branding, identity and marketing

    • Social media campaigns

    • Branding identity strategy

    • Developing your website and presence (SEO and Google Search Console)

  • Funding your


    • Grants, trusts and foundations application support

    • Sponsorship plans

    • Fundraising event management

  • Recruitment

    • Member engagement plans

    • Young people engagement strategies

    • Lower voices strategies

  • Education and outreach

    • Young people engagement strategies

    • Committee/management team skill development

    • Vocal workshops

  • Music and programme

    • Programme development

    • Audience engagement

    • Concerts as income

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