Free, fun, for everyone.

Formed in 1997 by four people, SEMusic now actively engages with more than seventy members and performs a variety of concerts and events throughout the year.

Our aims:

  • To be a free, inclusive group for all with no auditions, experience or ability necessary of any member

  • To provide a programme of events featuring a variety of genres, styles and formats attracting new and returning participants

  • To develop the skills of people within the community by using music as an educational resource

  • To continue to provide the musical provision at St. Edmund of Canterbury Church

  • To fundraise for local, national and international causes

  • To ensure SEMusic as an organisation is more confident, ambitious and effective

SEMusic currently runs St. Edmund's Choir and #LoveToSing children's choir as well as providing support to other amateur music and theatre groups to ensure growth and development within the arts sector.

Our people

SEMusic Directors

Charlie Corkin


Katherine Daly

Assistant Director

(Concerts, Events and Development)

Sophie McQueen

Assistant Director

(#LoveToSing and Services)

SEMusic Support Team

Tony Bradshaw

Sponsorship Lead (Trustee)

Sarah Lee

Finance Lead

Imelda Morrison

Operations Lead (Trustee)

Jacquelyn Williams


Toby Corkin

Membership Officer

Sylvia Doyle

Ticketing Officer

Helen Lee

Safeguarding Officer

Sarah Pilkington

Social Events Officer

Our work

92 members

Including 30 under 30

2,160 hours

individuals have given to rehearsals

Performed at 72

concerts, events and services

115,327 reached

through our social media channels

1,404 hours

volunteered by the Support Team

1 award nomination

for the Liverpool ECHO Arts and Performance award

11,678 people

have heard us at concerts, events and services

378 pieces

performed at concerts, events and services

4 weddings

where we have provided the music

Get in touch


St. Edmund's Church

62 Oxford Road


Liverpool L22 8QF

07730 413 024

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