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Our 25th birthday vision

2022 sees SEMusic, which began as St. Edmund's Choir, turn 25.

It has grown from a group of four people singing at Mass to almost 100 people aged 4 to 88 meeting each week to make music together, perform events and as a place to escape to.

The most inclusive music organisation in the North-West.

Making the arts
free, fun, for everyone.

Community & family
We find joy in sharing music with each other
We look out for one another
We all feel part of something special


Confidence & transformation

We believe that everyone has the chance to realise their full musical potential

We will grow as individuals and as an organisation and this will change the world around us



We love to sing

We are imaginative and innovative

We take risks with the music we make

Diversity & equality

We believe that everyone regardless of background, ability or income should have access to the arts

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our community is treated with care and compassion

Integrity & accountability

We take responsibility for getting the best out of SEMusic through dedication, honesty and a commitment to transparency.


Grow our community

We want to be the most-inclusive music organisation in the North-West; an organisation that has an opportunity for everyone involved to have a say in how it is run.

We want to connect with people who haven’t been able to access music and bring singing, creativity and community to them.

We always put the people we work with at the heart of everything we do, using music to unite people and ensure that SEMusic remains a jewel in the crown of the North-West community.

We will be an organisation that people are proud to be a part of and a place where ownership is with all of our singers – big and small.  We will provide opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to develop music skills and opportunities to sing.

To do this we will focus on:

Retaining our singers

Connecting with new people

Exploring new ways to engage new people

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