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Melody and pitch

What will we learn?

Today we will focus on the tune and the sounds that music make and how this adds to a piece of music.

This can take 20 minutes to complete but we recommend spending around 30-35 minutes on it.

What is melody?

Quite simply, this is the tune of the song.  

Usually the melody is that part of the music you remember the most, sing or hum along to and is the main part of the music.

Catchy tunes often play the same notes over and over again.


What's your favourite song or a tune that you can remember easily?

Can you remember a song from the TV that's stuck in your head for a long time?

If you get a

song stuck in your head, this is probably because it has a catchy melody or tune!

What is pitch? 

The pitch is the how high or low a note sounds.  Some notes can be high, like a bird tweeting, and some can be low, like a foghorn. 


With Luigi, Mike, Cadence and Fret learn more about high and low notes in the video below and singing along at the end!

Now let's think about some instruments and songs...

Which of the clips below are high, low, in the middle? Are some a mixture of all of them?

#LoveToLearn challenge:

Using the last video of Let It Go, talk about or make a note of the parts which are high, low and why parts of the melody are catchy?

Can you...

  • Say what melody is?

  • Say what pitch is?

  • Tell which is a high or low pitch?


Are you ready to learn about harmony?

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