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General information

Make yourself at home
We know everyone is busy, so we want to emphasise that we have a flexible approach to rehearsals.  If you need to arrive late or leave early, feel free to do so.

Some members bring their children from time-to-time – they’d be more than welcome, whether they choose to join in or not.

If you know you’re going to be missing, we do suggest that you have an extra 10-minute look through your folder or having a practice via YouTube (there are some really good videos with the sheet music on – if you search “name of piece score” you should be able to find them!)

We try our best to do all the hard work so we can get the most out of rehearsals, we ask that you let us know when you can/can’t make a rehearsal as soon as possible.  We know that sometimes this isn’t always possible, but it is a huge help when it comes to planning if we know who we have coming to join us.

Please use Choir Manager to record your attendance at rehearsals and events in advance if possible.  

Lost property
If you happen to leave something behind at rehearsal and don’t realise until too late, the best thing to do is call the Parish office during the week on 0151 928 3629.  

Seen something you don’t like or have a general question?
Let Imelda or Hannah know – they’re always on hand to try and solve anything there and then or take any worry off you.

If you have a concern about someone’s wellbeing or safety, please speak to Charlie or Hannah about it unless in the case of an emergency, in which case call 999 first.

We’ve always taken pride in having an open-door policy to everyone, with flexibility for everyone’s needs.  We’re asking you to bear with us as we come out the other side of the pandemic before we’re able to be as flexible as usual. 
How we’re keeping you safe 
•    We’ve done a thorough risk assessment in line with UK Government, Making Music and Archdiocese guidance 
•    Everyone will have the option to be socially distanced 
•    We’ll clean all areas before and after use 
•    Our Support Team will wear face coverings when moving about the building 
•    Windows will be open to help with air flow 
•    Rehearsals will be streamed so they can be watched from home 
•    Any shared books or music will be quarantined for 24 hours before/after use 

What we need your help with 
•    Bring a face covering 
•    Sanitise on arrival 
•    Avoid moving from your space if possible allocated space 

Social media
We are happy for you to use your phone, as long as you are not interrupting rehearsals. However, we would love it if you shared our events and posts from our social media accounts!
Facebook – SEMusic
Instagram - @semusiclpool 
Twitter - @SEMusicLpool

Help us remain free, fun and for everyone
Whilst every event and rehearsal we do is free – including all music costs – if you are able to make a donation to help support our work, please speak to Sylvia.


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