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Liverpool ECHO Arts and Performance Award 2019

We are overwhelmed to have been a finalist in the Liverpool Echo Art and Performance Award 2019. Congratulations to BOST and Elsie Kelly for winning and a particular thanks to the Echo for acknowledging, supporting and celebrating the work of three amazing arts groups across the region of Merseyside!

We live up to our aims of being free, fun and for everyone. Over the last 12 months, we have developed skills of more than 70 local people and performed a variety of concerts and events for more than 10,000. We’ve also kept a diverse songbook that includes everything from Don’t Look Back in Anger to Dear Evan Hansen and Schubert to Billy Joel.

At a time when Arts funding is minimal, we are proud to be able to offer what we do for free. This autumn sees our expansion as we begin to work with young people through our new children’s choir, #LoveToSing. We are excited to work with more people from our region developing our work as one of the most inclusive music groups in the North-West.

A particular thanks to our sponsors, the Choir Support Team who make what we do happen, our singers and audiences who have helped make us what we are today.


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