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Launching SEMusic: Online

Helping to keep the music flowing…

We’ve always promised to bring music to people and we won’t let this pandemic stop that. From online resources to live-streams and virtual performances, SEMusic will continue to offer music and skills through our website and social media platforms.

We know that you value music and like so many other arts organisations at this time, we want to continue to engage with you and bring you music at this time – whether you’re a singer or an audience member.

A series of videos featuring songs from past concerts and events, as well as unseen recordings and new performances to bring a smile to your face and music to your ears at this time!

Each Sunday at 7:30pm

We're here to help with teaching your children music from home. Don't think you're musical enough? Don't worry! We have it all covered for you...

Support for arts organisations

Podcasts and resources for arts organisations faced with the challenge of leading your group through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Coming soon...


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