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Katherine, one of our Directors #MeetOurMembers

I’ve been in the choir for a few years now and have loved every minute of being involved. When I was asked to become Assistant Director, I couldn’t accept it quick enough. 

My favourite all-time memory will always be the moment I gave my husband, Paul, the confidence to join us as part of the group. But notable moments include conducting Singin' in the Rain at our latest concert when two fools skipped across the stage with umbrellas (mentioning no names - Charlie and Martin!), falling in and out of love with Franz Biebl’s Ave Maria and having the pleasure of directing in beautiful, beautiful venues whilst having a ball doing it. 

I wanted to join a new choir after being in and out of them for a good few years - particularly so when my mum started coming and Martin asked me to come along too, I was left with no choice!

Six years on, my husband, my mum and my sister all come along to rehearsals and concerts - and we all love it.

I've never been in a choir as dynamic, fun and open as this one. Everyone is a bit nuts, but we have so much fun.

Kaff's favourite tracks

All My Loving - The Beatles

Free Fallin' - John Mayer

Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police

You Will Be Found - Dear Evan Hansen

Open Your Heart - Madonna

Black Velvet Band - The Dubliners

My Number - Foals

I Giorni - Ludovio Einaudi


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