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Come on, Eileen! #MeetOurMembers

I’ve been in the choir since 2013 having joined with Fiona and Karen following a call for members on Twitter. I always sang in the school choir and never quite had the nerve to join one in my adult years but there’s safety in numbers so the three of us came along.

I really love the Christmas Concerts and singing at St George’s Hall has been my personal favourite.

I enjoy that the choir has a range of ages and that everyone gets along together. I always come home from rehearsal feeling lifted and the choir has been a constant for me when I have faced some tough times personally.

It’s such a privilege to listen to and support people like Charlie, Kath, Sarah and Sophie. Where else could you get a free ticket to listen to some of the best young voices around and to be their chorus? It’s fabulous!

A few of my favourite tunes

Trying to pick 8 tracks is a nightmare but here is a taste of some of my absolute favourites:

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road

The Eagles - Best of my Love

Simply Red - Fairground

Billy Joel - Piano Man

ELO - Rockaria!

George Michael - As

Calvin Harris - Summer

Elton John & Taron Egerton - I'm Gonna Love Me Again


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