Calling all friends and family, both near and far – we need you to get involved to make our Easter service extra special!


We want to include a recording of as many people, especially children, from our community joining in to singing, playing and dancing to This is the Day and wishing everyone a Happy Easter during our Easter Sunday Mass!


And don’t worry about your voice standing out, we’ll edit it so it’s everyone singing together – everyone can sing so don’t be nervous!

What you'll need

- a camera phone or webcam (best to be shot in landscape if you can!)

- a well lit room (so we can see your lovely faces really clearly!)

- Easter spirit (the more enthusiasm, the better!)

How to get involved

- watch the tutorial below with Sophie and Molly from #LoveToSing to learn the actions

- use the backing track below to record your part

- send it to the church Facebook page here or email charlie@semusic.org.uk with your recording!

Looking forward to hearing you all!