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What will we learn?

Today we will focus on what harmony is and how it makes a good song a great song. 

This can take 20 minutes to complete but we recommend spending around 30-35 minutes on it.

What is harmony?

A harmony works alongside the melody and it is when two or more notes are played or sang at the same time.

Theses notes might be of a high or low pitch and help create the mood of the song.

Most harmonies are made up of chords. For example, the chord of C is created by playing the notes of C, E and G together and this creates a bright sounding major harmony but the chord of A Minor (using the notes A, C and E) creates a gloomy sounding minor harmony.


Watch the video below to hear about different major and minor chords can change the mood of a song:

If you get a

song stuck in your head, this is probably because it has a catchy melody or tune!


Think of the following feelings, do you think they'd have a major harmony or a minor harmony?

- excited?

- tired?

- sad?

- angry?

- pleased?

- hurt?

- proud?

Now let's think about some songs...

Which of the clips below are major and bright or minor and gloomy? Are some a mixture of all of them? What are the different voices doing?

#LoveToLearn challenge:

Using the last video of Feed the Birds, can you create a timeline of when different voices are doing different things and where it changes from a minor to a major harmony?  How does this change the mood?

Can you...

  • Say what harmony is?

  • Tell the difference between major and minor harmonies?

  • Tell how harmony changes the mood of a piece of music?


Are you ready to learn about texture?

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