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Guess who's back...

Monday 14 September

Good evening everyone,


I hope this finds you well!  Thank you to those who have shared with Katherine whether or not you're able to join us for rehearsals again and thanks to those who have been supporting us on a Sunday morning at Mass.


Ahead of our first rehearsal in six months(!), I wanted to share how rehearsals are going to be slightly different when we start back again on Sunday.  There are a few changes, as I'm sure we'll be used to in no time to ensure that we are rehearsing safely.

  • We will be rehearsing in church rather than the Lisbonian Room until further notice - there's lots more space for social distancing and ventilation for air flow.

  • Rehearsals will be slightly shorter in length starting at 7pm and ending around 8pm

  • You will need to wear a mask when you are in the building, but you will be able to remove this to sing.

  • You will need to santise when entering the building and check-in when you arrive.

  • We will also be asking everyone to complete a new personal details form to ensure that all details are up to date.

  • You will be shown where to sit by one of the Support Team and you will need to remain there for the rehearsal

  • At the end of the rehearsal, to keep a one-way system, everyone will leave via the Sacred Heart chapel into the carpark 

  • Please bring with you a pen, pencil, your copy of Carols for Choirs, Christmas songs and carols book and any water

If you're not able to attend rehearsals or you need to continue to minimise contact with other people, we will be streaming each rehearsal to ensure everyone has the opportunity to join in wherever they are.  This will be available on


Please let me, Katherine or Sophie know if you have any questions.


Best wishes - and see you soon,