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Leadership team 
Our Leadership team oversee the running of SEMusic, from the music we choose and where we perform it to making sure that our music licensing and insurance is paid; ultimately without them, we couldn’t continue to do what we do and keep it free, fun and for everyone. 

Each of our directors have a specific area that they look after and with help from our Support Team they manage the day to day running of SEMusic. 

Charlie Corkin

Director (Safeguarding lead)   
07730 413024 |    
As Director, Charlie is responsible for running SEMusic.  He is also the musical director for St. Edmund's Choir. 
Sophie McQueen      

Deputy Director (#LoveToSing & Services)  
07790 576038 |   
Sophie is the director of #LoveToSing, our children's choir.  She also supports the running of music at church services, including weddings and funerals. 
Hannah Wainwright

Assistant Director (Engagement & Events) 
07806 664 160 | 
Hannah is responsible for engagement with all our singers.  She is also responsible for the operational planning of events and concerts. 
Sarah Lee          

Assistant Director (Finance) 
07557 335 037 |  
Sarah is responsible for the financial functions of SEMusic. 
Support Team  
The SEMusic Support Team support the day-to-day running of the group.  Each member of the Support Team has a particular responsibility so if there is something in particular you’d like to discuss, please speak to the relevant Support Team member. 

Helen Lee 
#LoveToSing & Services Officer 
07708 583 272     


Jenni Daniels 
#LoveToSing Assistant 
07847 209 183   


Toby Corkin 
Membership Assistant 
07557 024 602  


Imelda Morrison 
Engagement & Events Officer 
07947 693 471 


Sarah Pilkington 
Social Events Officer 
07734 868 381 

Sylvia Doyle 
Ticket Assistant 
07552 170 724      

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